You want more confidence. You wonder if you are pretty enough, cool enough, smart enough, fun enough. You want to find love but it seems like every guy you feel excited about says they don't want a relationship. You make choices to please others that end up leaving you feeling bad about yourself. Somehow you keep repeating the same patterns that put you in the same situations, reinforcing your idea that the problem must be you.

You know deep down that you are an amazing person, but something happened along the way that left you without confidence or the ability to have more influence in your relationships.

Counseling Can Help

Whatever traumas, bumps, or failures that have happened along the way, I believe you really do have something to offer and that you should want more. You deserve to be treated kindly and respectfully, to find connection and love, to be valued at work, and for your voice and needs to matter. Counseling can help you heal and change patterns that aren't working in your life. You really can grow into an authentic experience of knowing you matter. Confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, and the ability to be more effective in relationships is something you can have.

Call or email to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to talk a bit about what's not been working in your life and find out how counseling can help you take a step toward embracing that you matter and that you are worth it.  917-689-6530 or