You finally found an amazing person. You thought it would never happen but here it is. Things have been going great. Now you moved in together or decided to get married and are building your lives in a partnership. As you settle in, you find yourselves arguing and in shock at some of the ways your partner thinks about things. You love this person and feel loved but you're worried. You thought this was "the one" but were sure that with your soul-mate, it would be much easier. 

Arguing and miscommunication with the person you love the most hurts. But you know the two of you are willing to do the work it takes to understand what's going on and to change patterns that are creating pain in your relationship. It is really normal for couples to experience these kinds of challenges once they start to settle into life together. If handled skillfully, this experience can be part of the healthy development of a relationship that leads to greater intimacy.

Counseling Can offer Skills and Increase Intimacy

Counseling can help you understand where things are going wrong and give you the tools to not only communicate better but for each partner to feel more fulfilled as individuals, so that the relationship can be more meaningful, close, and loving.

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