You want love, good relationships, meaningful work, and a sense of purpose, but you feel like you keep ending up in the same rut, feeling down, insecure, and wondering if you have what it takes to really get what you hoped for in life. 

It doesn't have to keep feeling like this. Together we can make change, break patterns that are no longer working, help you heal from life's punches and painful relationships, grow genuine confidence, be more empowered, and feel good about who you are and the life you are building. 

I'd love to help. Call me for a free 15-minute phone consultation to share a bit of your story and find out more about counseling with me: 917-689-6530

Where do you need support?

You want more confidence. You wonder if you are pretty enough, cool enough, smart enough, fun enough. You want to find love but it seems like every guy you feel excited about says they don't want a relationship. You make choices to please others that end up leaving you feeling bad about yourself. Somehow you keep repeating the same patterns that put you in the same situations, reinforcing your idea that the problem must be you.

You long for romantic companionship. You're tried of wasting time going on dates with guys who spend the whole night talking about themselves and never asking about you. When you do finally feel chemistry with someone, the guy doesn't want a relationship, sends mixed messages, or ghosts you..

You are with someone exciting and you're feeling great. You're connecting on so many levels and don't want the night to end. Then one thing leads to another and next thing you know clothes are slipping off. You're really into him and you feel thrilled but deep in your gut, you wish things would slow down. You want to say something, but the words don't come out.