You want love, good relationships, meaningful work, and a sense of purpose, but you feel like you keep ending up in the same rut, feeling down, insecure, and wondering if you have what it takes to really get what you hoped for in life. 

It doesn't have to keep feeling like this. Together we can make change, break patterns that are no longer working, help you heal from life's punches and painful relationships, grow genuine confidence, be more empowered, and feel good about who you are and the life you are building.


I would love to help. Here's who I work with.


I work with women in NYC around relationships, discouragement, depression, anxiety, recovering bulimia, self-esteem, and sexuality and sexual health.

I work with gay/bi and trans men around faith related issues, depression, anxiety, relationships, sexuality, and some substance use.

I work with couples, usually within the first 10 years of their relationship, who are struggling with communication, conflict, or sexual intimacy.