Being diagnosed with genital herpes can leave you feeling alone and ashamed. You wonder in disbelief how you got here. This isn't supposed to happen to girls like you. You wonder how anyone will accept you and worry that you'll never be able to find love or date again. It is important for you to know that it is absolutely possible to feel like yourself again, to gain back your confidence, to feel desirable, to find love, and to overcome this stigma.

Counseling Can Help You Get Your Life Back

Getting accurate information, working through self-esteem and self-worth issues that came before herpes, and meeting other dynamic, amazing, and beautiful women with herpes are all part of the path to developing a strong sense of self-acceptance, strength, and deep knowing that life really can be good again.

Individual Counseling and Group Support

I provide a warm, understanding, compassionate, and interactive space to talk through your feelings and concerns. Call me for a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation to share a bit of your story and find out how individual or group therapy can help you find courage and get your life back. 917-689-6530 or

If you want to meet other amazing women like you, check out the herpes therapy group for women.

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