Finding Love When The People You Love Never Seem to Love You Back

Longing for a relationship but having a pattern in which you are always attracted to partners who are wrong for you or partners who aren't interested in a relationship with you can be really painful.

This is especially true when you meet someone you really like. Maybe you've had some deep, satisfying talks with them and really fun times together. It feels like there is so much potential! You can't get them out of your head and find yourself anxiously waiting in anticipation for a text from them or hoping that they will soon make plans to get together with you. But they always seem out of reach, leaving you longing. Ultimately, you learn they don't feel the same or they don't want a relationship. This really hurts and can make you feel like something is wrong with you, like something keeps you from being good enough for someone like this to love you back.

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5 Ways We Stay Stuck in Cycles of Anxiety and Depression

Some experiences of anxious or depressed feelings are normal. You notice the feeling but have a sense of being in control of it; it doesn’t interfere with your ability to take action, handle your responsibilities, or participate in activities you enjoy--at least not for long. You might even see the sadness or nervousness as a natural part of the circumstances, of healing, moving forward, or being challenged. You cry it out or give yourself a pep talk and then find yourself moving on.

But sometimes anxiety and depression can become more significant, either in intensity, frequency, or duration.

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Flaws Make You Real: Guest Post by Julie Zelig, Psy.D.

I recently walked by a store with a sign outside saying: "Flaws Make You Real." This made me wonder, if flaws make you real, then why are so many of us focused on covering up or hiding our imperfections? Human beings are naturally imperfect. We all have distinct blemishes that make us who we are. Why would we wish to be or to look unauthentic?

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