Life After Herpes

I recently connected with Lori Fauquier, a nurse practitioner who used to practice at Callen-Lorde, here in New York City. She now has a tele-medicine practice focusing on women's health issues. I've found Lori to be a knowledgeable and passionate provider who is also comfortable talking about sex and sexual health. She is very generous with providing education through her blog and a regular Facebook Live show, both of which I've been so excited to participate in this month.

My Guest Post - Life After Herpes

I wrote a guest blog at Lori's site, Women's Health on the Go, for patients recently diagnosed with herpes: Life After Herpes

The Emotional Impact of Herpes - Facebook Live Interview

Lori will also be interviewing me this Friday at noon for her weekly Facebook Live educational show. We'll be talking about the emotional impact of herpes. It will be recorded and posted after the show in case you miss us!


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Please remember that we are continuously learning new things about herpes. I will try to keep this website updated but remember that research may come out today that changes what we currently know about herpes. Information on this website is not intended to substitute professional medical or psychotherapeutic advice.