Why Doctors Don't Test for Herpes

Many people diagnosed with herpes feel betrayed by the medical system when they learn that they have never been tested and their partner likely was not either. If you didn't know before now, herpes is generally not included in a standard STD panel. That means all those screens that you so diligently obtained since becoming sexually active and the one you may have asked your partner to get as well, probably did not screen for herpes. 

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Let's Talk About Herpes Part 2: When To Tell A Partner

The most pressing question many of my clients with genital herpes have, even more than worry about how to tell someone their dating that they have herpes, is when to tell someone they’re dating that they have herpes.

Most of the clients who work with me are looking for a relationship as opposed to casual sex. I do have some clients who enjoy casual sex and who have success disclosing to those partners, but today I’m going to focus on those of you who are seeking something more serious.

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Lets Talk About Herpes Part 1: Rejection (It Might Not Really Be About Herpes)

I know it might be hard to believe, but there are a lot of people out there who are not going to be bothered that much by you having herpes. I know because I’ve watched many, many women over the years find partners who just didn’t think herpes was a big deal—and I don’t mean that they searched and searched and finally found one partner who accepted them—I mean that they got out there and dated, and disclosed, and had boyfriends, and lived their lives. I also know because there are great writers out there like Ella Dawson who have disclosed their status publicly and the dating pool has not dried up for them.

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